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Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - 16:15

Informal markets, innovation in Europe and Euro impacts in Greece

Our permanent professors Wafa Khlif, Lourdes Pérez, Joanna Pousset and Crina Pungulescu have published three articles on topics as varied as the informal tango market in Barcelona, innovation in Europe and Spain and the impacts of the euro on corporate valuations in Greece.

For TBS Barcelona, research is key to carry out its mission of training “drivers of change”. Toulouse Business School pretends to enhance the knowledge and practice of management to boost innovation and avoid just repeating past knowledge. TBS research also plays a part in the good results of the education of the students, managers, directors, coaches and trainers, enabling the school to implement cutting-edge methods and exceptionally modern management courses.

It takes (more than) two to tango: informal tango market dynamics in Barcelona


Khlif, W and Pousset, J. (2014). "It takes (more than) two to tango: informal tango market dynamics in Barcelona", Society and Business Review, Vol. 9, Iss:1, pp. 36-50.

Wafa Khlif and Joanna Pousset sign this original article published in Society and Business Review on the tango market dynamics as a part of the Barcelona grey economy and as a support for immigration settlement and integration.


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Rethinking innovation:global perspectives


Benjamins, R. V., Perez, L. and Contreras, J. (2013). "Insights in Research and Development, and Innovation in Europe and Spain in Particular: Practitioner Perspectives". In Rethinking Innovation : global perspectives (pp. 192-215). Routledge India.

How does innovation take place in Europe? Lourdes Pérez, in collaboration with other authors, contributes to this book with a chapter focused on European research and development, innovation policy and activities.

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The euro and corporate valuations: The case of Greece


Pungulescu, C. and Tümer-Alkan, G. (2009). "The Euro And Corporate Valuations: The Case Of Greece", Studii Financiare (Financial Studies), Vol. 13, Iss:1, pp. 131-152.

The impact of the euro on corporate valuations in Greece is analysed in this paper by Crina Pungulescu that was published in Studii Financiare (Financial Studies).

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