International academics and professionals participate in TBS Barcelona’s governance workshop

Thursday, June 19, 2014 - 17:45

Understanding governance: a new paradigm for an old concept

Governance is the art or way of governing and refers to all its processes, whether undertaken by a government, market or organization. Thus, governance, and more specifically, good governance, is crucial for business.

In collaboration with professor Thomas Clarke from the University of Technology (Sydney) and professor Sibel Yamak from Galatasaray University (Turkey), TBS Barcelona’s permanent professor Wafa Khlif hosted the workshop “Understanding governance: a new paradigm for an old concept”, held in TBS headquarters in Barcelona from 9th to 10th June. Over twenty academics and professionals from twelve different nationalities participated in the event.

The workshop’s interventions were about very diverse subjects, from gender matters to board composition, institutional funds or corporate espionage. Moreover, it had two main interventions of Clarke and Yamak, who addressed issues such as the new cycles and responsibilities in governance and the relationship between governance and business elites.



Roundtables on key issues

TBS’ Governance workshop included one roundtable each day in order to discuss key issues such as the new paradigms of governance and the practice of crowdfunding. The first roundtable, moderated by professor Coral Ingley from AUT University (Aukland), addressed the processes by which the community invents its own rules, the social contract that underpins and connects it to the others. For the roundtable of Tuesday 10th June, focused on the practice of crowdfunding, TBS had the pleasure to welcome Juan Álvarez de Lara, from Seed&Click Angel Network, and Daniel Olivier, from Spain Crowdfunding Association.

Álvarez de Lara expressed his satisfaction regarding the fact that “business schools are starting to become aware of the need to explain this new finance strategy. Crowdfunding should have a chapter in finance subjects!”. During the roundtable, the idea of trust in order to make crowdfunding possible was very present. The Seed&Click CEO stated regarding this matter that “the legislative framework will help the professionalization of the crowdfunding industry and palliate speculation. Unfortunately, it cannot eliminate it. Speculation is not created by crowdfunding industry but by investors and entrepreneurs”.

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