17 companies visit TBS Barcelona for its 2018 Job Fair

Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 19:45

Bachelor and Master students get ready for their summer internship programmes

World-renowned companies such as MANGO, Planeta, PTC or Amaris, among others, came to TBS Barcelona for the 2018 edition of the Job Fair. Students were able to talk to HR representatives of each of the 17 companies and start to build what could become a long-lasting professional experience.

Sales, marketing, finance, event management… Every company was looking for a different type of student for their internship programmes. However, many of them had objectives in common: “Students must be self-driven, dynamic and show initiative”,sayMiriamHernández, Junior Recruiter at Grupo Planeta, a Spanish multi-media giant.

Eider Mauleon, an HR Specialist at MANGO, agrees: “We want energetic, motivated people who can learn and adapt quickly. It is also important for us that they are interested in the fashion sector”.

“The fact that TBS students are international and are in sync with our customer base makes them very suitable for this marketing position”, says Uniplaces Partnership Manager Cristina Graells. The students’ multi-lingual abilities are very attractive to recruiters, whether it be their knowledge in Spanish, English or French.

This was a great opportunity for TBS students to get a taste of what the world of work expects from them, as well as learning about some of the leading businesses in their respective sectors. According to PTC High-Velocity Sales Senior Director Mustafa Toga, “For students, this is their shot at making a great first impression. This is an opportunity for us to discover proactive and prepared young people.”



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