The 4th Edition of "Re-think Counselling. Create Opportunities"

Friday, November 24, 2017 - 13:15

More than 30 counsellors from international schools around the world got to know Toulouse Business School first-hand


counsellor and staff member of TBS

TBS has hold the 4th edition of "Re-think Counselling. Create Opportunities", an event designed for international counsellors. Almost 40 professionals from educational institutions from all over the world have met in Toulouse and Barcelona campuses for a bonding visit full of activities, in order to provide the best experience to our future TBS students.

Our 38 guests, who mostly work in international schools, came from 20 different countries: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Finland, Greece, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Nepal, Norway, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Vietnam. 

“We organise this event because we think it is important to interact with them personally as well as to let them experience the Toulouse Business School’s spirit” says Margarita Servera, Admissions Manager in TBS Barcelona. “Their insights are key to adjust ourselves to the needs of prospect students”.

From Toulouse to Barcelona, they were invited to tour around our different campuses, enjoy leisure activities to have a taste of how life is in both cities, a networking meal and a workshop about intrinsic motivation that we hope will help and inspire them in their teaching activities.

In the intrinsic motivation workshop, directed by two TBS Barcelona professors, they worked on how to create a learning environment that allows the motivation of students burst. “In order to achieve this, we have to keep in mind 3 essential points: purpose, autonomy or trust, and attractiveness”, says Basak Camboy, one of the professors in the workshop specialized in learning methodology.

“It is essential that we make clear to students the usefulness of what we are teaching them, to stablish a link the content and themselves and their life”, says Basak. The professor encourages teachers to adopt a result-oriented work environment, which will give autonomy to students: “There should be autonomy regarding the methodology, what they work in, with whom… We have to trust them”. 

Gamification, the use of social networks such as Facebook groups rather than virtual blackboards, the implication with current affairs… are important for the third point: the attractiveness of the task. Our professors Joanna Poussset and Basak Camboy gave to the counsellors some examples of the tools and methods they are using in their own lectures.

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