TBS Barcelona and UPC launch two new Master of Science programs in the areas of Finance and Marketing

Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 13:30
Both are double diplomas awarded by the two institutions, with 12 months of classes entirely in English and 6 months of professional project  

Toulouse Business School - Barcelona (Barcelona TBS) and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) join forces to enrich the educational offer of Master in Barcelona. Jacques Igalens, director of Toulouse Business School (TBS); Olivier Benielli, director of the group’s campus in Barcelona (TBS Barcelona), and Antoni Giró, the rector of the UPC, have signed a collaboration agreement for the launch of two new Master of Science programs: MSc Marketing and MSc Finance.

Olivier Benielli has celebrated the agreement reached with the UPC, a collaboration that "adds value to both institutions", and has highlighted the importance of the academic resources of the UPC, making it "the ideal partner for TBS" . Antoni Giró has stressed the complementarity of the agreement with the French business school, which for the UPC represents "a commitment to entrepreneurship" . Jacques Igalens has also expressed his satisfaction with this collaboration: "The business schools world is very competitive, and our differentiation strategy is based on providing value and quality to the student through strong partnerships as the one that we have signed today with the UPC."

At the signature were also present Isabelle Assassi, director of the program Grande École of TBS; Joan Majó, vicerector of Continuing Education of UPC; Josep Coll, rector’s delegate for the Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya (FPC), and Ignasi López River, director of the Fundació.


The aim of the Master of Science program is to train young managers capable of becoming future leaders, prepared to quickly achieve positions of responsibility in companies. Both options (Marketing and Finance) work the knowledge of management sciences and their specialist areas, as well as the development of a global perspective in any professional situation.

Both programs are double diplomas issued by TBS and UPC, with a workload of 90 ECTS and 12 months of full-time classes followed by six months of professional project. The MSc Finance has two professionalization options: Corporate Finance and Management Control and Governance, while the MSc Marketing specializes in International Business, BtoB Business or BtoC Business.

The classes begins in January 2014, and are entirely in English on the campus of TBS Barcelona. To apply to both programs, a Bachelor's degree or higher and a GMAT, GRE or EXADEP result are required.

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Jacques Igalens and Antoni Giró.

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