Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have questions concerning the Bachelor in Management?

In this section, you will find the answer for the frequently asked questions about the diploma, the admission process and the traineeships

If you don't find answer to your questions, you can contact us at admission(@) or by calling to (0034) 933 100 111.



Is a Bachelor degree like a high school diploma?

No, a Bachelor's degree is equivalent to an undergraduate degree or first degree.


Is the diploma official?

Yes, the diploma is official (adapted to the Bologna plan), certified by the French Ministry of Education.


Why does this Bachelor last only three years?

It lasts three years (180 ECTS) and not four (240 ECTS) as other studies in Spain because it follows the French Bologna plan adaptation (three years - 180 ECTS) - Maîtrise (two years - 120 ECTS). Overall, if you study the Bachelor and the Master you will do five years (300 ECTS) as in Spain: Degree (four years - 240 ECTS) - Master (1 year - 60 ECTS).


Being shorter, is there more workload?

No. Toulouse Business School  follow the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) standards. A year of higher education represents 60 ECTS. Wherever the place of study, one ECTS corresponds to the same workload for the students.


What recognition has TBS and its Bachelor program?

Toulouse Business School has been accredited by three prestigious independent institutions: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS. Only 1% of business schools worldwide have this "triple crown".

TBS' Bachelor in Management is:

1st in the Ranking of Orientations

2nd in the Ranking of the best Bachelor programmes from the magazine "Le Figaro Étudiant”.

3rd in the Ranking SMBG of best Bachelors in Management and Business Management. 


Are classes taught in French?

No. On the Barcelona Campus, classes are taught in English or Spanish during the first year, and fully in English during the second and third year.


Can I study everything in English?

Yes. Both Toulouse and Barcelona campuses offer the courses in English. 

What level of English is required for entering the school?

We request a level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference.


Is it necessary to demonstrate the English level with an official diploma?

It is not required. During the admission test, candidates must prove their English level with our own language test.


Do you offer Spanish classes for foreign students?

Yes, there are Spanish classes in Barcelona and French classes in Toulouse.


Are there language classes?

Yes, the programme includes a first language (English or Spanish) and a second language (English, Spanish, French, German or Chinese).


Is it necessary to have a minimum level to study those languages?

No, you will do a language test at the beginning of the year and you will be assigned to a group in accordance with your level.


Can I change track (English/Spanish) once admitted?

No, we do not accept changes of track if it is not by recommendation of the admission committe.



What are the application requirements for the Bachelor program?

To access the Bachelor program, it is necessary to have completed high school, the French BAC or equivalent, to be under 26 years old on 31st December of the year of commencement of the course, and to have passed our admission tests.


What are the admission exams like?

For the international admissions you will have to take an online personal interview that will be evaluated by a jury together with your application (motivation letter, CV, grades...).


How long does it take to know if you are admitted in the school?

For candidates from the French system, periods are determined by the Parcour Sup platform. For candidates from other systems, the result will be communicated within 15 days.


If I am accepted on to the Bachelor program, can I stay in TBS' MSc or Master in Management afterwards?

Yes, but you must pass by the program-specific application process.


Do I need Spanish 'Selectividad' to enter the Bachelor?

No, you don't because our diploma is French. You must, however, obtain your high school diploma (Bachillerato, French BAC, IB or equivalent).


Where can I pass my admission test? Do I have to travel to the Toulouse or Barcelona Campuses?

If you live in metropolitan France, you must pass your admission test on the Toulouse Campus. For other countries, you will take the interview online.


How long is the admission interview?

The admission interview takes about half an hour.



If I go abroad during the second year, do I have to pay the tuition fee to the host university?

No, tuition fees will be the ones fixed at our rates, regardless of the price of host universities.


For the abroad stay, can I choose the partner university I want?

You can create a list with your preferences. However, the choice of universities is determined by the position of the student in the grades ranking of the first semester of first year, giving priority to students with the best grades. The partner universities and the number of places can vary from one year to another.



Is there a list of scholarships to choose from?

We have partnerships with companies, but the students can also look for internships in companies that interest him/her, anywhere in the world. The Career Starter ensures our students get internships that adapt to their professional project.

The TBS internship policy is wide and the only restriction is that you cannot do an internship in a company belonging to, or managed by, your own family.


Are internships paid?

It depends on the company. The school recommends companies remunerate students in order to motivate them, but it is not required and the students must negotiate his/her contract directly with the company.


Are they mandatory?

Yes, internships are a core part of the Bachelor programme and are therefore evaluated as a part of it. Furthermore, at least one traineeship period (in first or second year) must be done abroad.



Do I need to pay the whole academic year fee in one installment?

No, TBS offers split payment. To reserve their position, students must make an initial payment of 40% of the fees in order to reserve a place. This payment must be made before the deadline contained on the enrolment sheet. The remaining amount can be paid in two instalments, in October and in December.



Can I apply for the Spanish public employment examinations (oposiciones) with the Bachelor diploma?

Yes, even though these exams are not the objective of the Bachelor, which follows a practical program focused on professionalization.


Can I access any master with the Bachelor diploma?

It depends on the host university; the Bachelor in Management diploma is an official French degree, recognized at an international level.