3 years, 3 destinations. You choose!

The Bachelor Programme allows you to study in Barcelona, in Toulouse or abroad

3 years, 3 destinations to choose from


* Destinations and the number of places available during the international year are limited, vary from year to year and are divided among students at the Toulouse Campus and students at the Barcelona campus. Places are allocated for each campus according to academic record

* Swaping campuses Barcelona-Toulouse during your Bachelor pogramme is as easy as sending an email with your request! 

  • 2 sections from the first course: classes 100% in Spanish section (Barcelona) or in French section (Toulouse) and classes 100% in English section

  • Multicultural atmosphere: 70% of first-year Bachelor students are international

  • 50% of teachers are international

  • 25% of Bachelor work placements are carried out abroad


  • Study two languages from the first year: English or Spanish as a first language and French, German, Chinese, English or Spanish as a second language

  • Students take a placement test at the start of the course in order to assign students the right level. No prior knowledge is required for the second language

  • Students dedicate 70 hours to each language per year. To ensure the highest quality in language learning, we collaborate with International House, the only language school in Barcelona to have been accredited as a Cervantes Institute associated institution and granted the EAQUALS accreditation, a symbol of excellence in language education


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