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Start-ups and job hunting in Barcelona


Barcelona has various public institutions that promote and foster the business sector. The most notable institution is Barcelona Activa, which for over 25 years has been stimulating economic growth in Barcelona and its area of influence by supporting businesses, entrepreneurial initiatives and employment.


Barcelona Activa

Featured services:


Advising service


Facilities hire


Funding support




  • Barcelona Empresa (start-ups, management tools, business ideas)
  • Porta 22 (training and advice in job hunting and career development)
  • Cibernàrium (technology training for professionals and businesses)


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Business space finder



Business incubators





In addition, ACC1Ó is the Catalan agency for business competitiveness. It promotes innovation, internationalisation and attraction of investments.




  • Organisation of networking events and conferences
  • Aid and funding
  • Support for internationalisation
  • Fostering of innovation and technology at the company
  • Competitiveness analysis and management support
  • Special service for start-ups


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