Be Involved in Teaching

We propose:

Be involved at the school as a professional

Sharing your experience and expertise with students is a key aspect of the education at our school.

Beyond learning about the trends in responsibilities, positions and knowhow of a company, this direct contact with students gives them a new or complementary look at management.  


Help prepare case studies

In close collaboration with our teaching staff, you can propose and/or actively participate in preparing case studies of companies, specifically highlighting problems related to business management: strategy, marketing, human resources, finances, etc.

These case studies may be used for final exams (Grand Écrit) as a way to raise awareness about your business by making our students consider its problems and use the solutions provided.


Be a member of the Admissions Committee jury

Another original way to gauge the generation of future managers is to participate in the school’s admissions process: be part of the jury in selection interviews.

Every year our jury includes professionals from the business world.

It is a chance to better understand the motivations and profiles of young adults who want to study at our school.


Support our entrepreneurial students

Fostering entrepreneurship and business creation is part of our school’s strategy. You can support our students in developing and monitoring their projects through mentoring or by supporting the entrepreneurship option.

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