Formalise Your Partnership

We propose:

By establishing a long-term collaboration, you are able to enhance the visibility of your company among TBS students, benefit from the school's communication media (website, social networks, newsletter, magazines), and strengthen your ties with the school.

A framework agreement is set up based on mutual involvement and specific, intersecting objectives, culminating in a consolidated relationship between a company/organisation and the school. The content of this framework agreement is adapted to better meet the specific needs of each partner. For example, there can be a framework agreement for work placements, participation in events, recruitment, etc.

Become a member of the Toulouse Business Club:

The Toulouse Business Club was founded in 2009 and brings together TBS’s main partners. The club is also being set up now in Barcelona. It enables the school’s key players to get to know each other and reflect on the issues brought forth, and it fosters exchange among members in preferential cultural, recreational, sporting and culinary environments.

Toulouse Business Club Barcelona   

Support the Foundation:

The TBS Foundation was created in early 2008 with a threefold goal:

  • Develop entrepreneurship.
  • Encourage solidarity and cultural and social diversity.
  • Foster civic and responsible behaviour.

Its mission is to assist the school in its development, support new teaching methodologies and foster the social and cultural mix of students (by granting social scholarships). It involves the alumni network and business partners in its projects.