Promote Your Company

We propose:

Company Day

Take part in this yearly event. It will allow you to explain to our students the missions, strategy, values and career management at your company in a less formal, more human way. To complete this event, it is possible to organise candidate pre-selection sessions.


Host tours of your company

Have students discover your company in an original way by inviting a group of them to visit your activities centres: headquarters, production unit, business unit, etc. This allows students to witness in action your company's culture, organisation and development projects.  


Be involved in events at the school

We organise events at our school throughout the year. By taking part or supporting these events, you are able to reinforce your presence among our students and graduates, add value to your company’s image and benefit from TBS’s communication media (website, social networks, blog, TBScope magazine).


Support/participate in thematic conferences

A business school is a breeding ground for reflection and anticipation about managerial practices. Throughout the year, we organise thematic conferences that bring together teachers and professionals. You can propose that your employees participate in these events.


Sponsoring: (gifts, room naming)

To promote and publicise your products, your services and, more globally, your company, you have the opportunity to sponsor one of our rooms with your logo or be involved in our events with gifts for our students.

Our students can be ambassadors of your brand.