Employee experience: round table at TBS Barcelona

Tuesday, October 30, 2018 - 17:15

TBS Barcelona and InnoIT hold a roundtable of HR on Employee Experience with Zino, MyTaxi, Roche and Massimo Dutti


mesa redonda experiencia empleado


The roundtable on Employee Experience organized by InnoIT, a talent recruitment company, took place last week at TBS Barcelona. There, four Human Resources professionals shared with their attendees their own cases and challenges as HR managers in highly competitive environments.

The issues addressed during the roundtable were especially the onboarding and retention of international employees, the recruitment of millennial talent and technological profiles and the use of new technologies to improve the employee experience.

The expert in attracting talent Victoria Marín, in charge of HR and recruitment of Zinio, emphasised in her presentation on an increasingly common issue in an increasingly globalized work environment: the needs of highly international staff.

Marín highlighted the case of Zinio, a company in which its employees come from more than 30 different countries: "The important thing is to align the motivations of the company with the motivations of its employees, for example, most of our workers come from other countries and they want to visit their family members, that's why at Zinio we established the right of up to a month of teleworking."

The specialist in recruitment in templates with high growth Marc Saborit, currently responsible for HR of MyTaxi Barcelona, stressed the importance of involving the entire team in the recruitment process: "if a candidate comes recommended by one of our team members, it is a very large letter of recommendation for us, but the candidate must always receive the approval of all team members who will work with him, everyone has to give the thumbs up before we can actually make an offer."

Another company that has significantly increased its workforce -specifically their technology subsidiary by 400%- was the large pharmaceutical company Roche Spain, says its specialist Bárbara Sánchez. According to the HR representative of the company, Roche had to overcome two obstacles: attracting engineers and increasing the retention of a millennial workforce.

"The most important thing is that what we do has an impact on society, and that is what commits employees to stay in a company like Roche," says Sánchez, who highlighted in her presentation the importance that millennials feel that your work makes real sense.

The senior HR consultant Carmen Extremera, with more than 20 years of experience in Massimo Dutti, showed how this large company uses technology to generate a better employee experience by creating multiple digital platforms with different purposes, either strictly work-related or leisure.
















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