TBS faculty is divided into different departments:


Management Control, Accounting and Auditing

The department of Management Control, Accounting & Auditing prepares students to meet the challenges of today's business: economic uncertainty, increasing competitiveness and international accounting standards in cotinuous evolution. The department has 11 teachers and accounting professionals as well as affiliated professors and long-career professionals. This team helps students interpret accounting information and use new management tools organizaitons. The chair of audit in collaboration Ernst & Young, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Mazars contributes to the development and excellence of the audit department.

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Economics, finance and business law

The department Economics, finance and business law develops a teaching that is based on the international standards of the discipline. The teaching developed in economics allows students to become familiar with the major economic models to better understand the world of business and its environment.
Finance courses cover all fields of the discipline: financial markets, corporate finance and financial management. Students can pursue this discipline through the Main Academic Option "Finance" and Professional Options in the campus of Toulouse in "Banking and Corporate Finance" and "Banks and Financial Markets". The pedagogy is based on a faculty of edgy teachers that develop international research reputation in Finance Research Group of the school.
This department also covers the structure of a company, its activities and human relations established. The aim of the training is to enable students to learn this dimension of business life and assimilate the different legal techniques to be used in the context of the company.

Information, Operations and Management Sciences

This department aims to show the requirements of a production activity, whether it is industrial or services, and promote relations between the production function and other business functions (accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, etc).

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resources

The department of Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Resources prepares future leaders to contribute not only to economic growth of a comapny but also to its social responsibility. We offer specialized programs for future HR specialists who want to ensure high-level positions in various types of businesses. Department members are involved in associations such as ANDRH, FACE, or FACE Toulouse, as well as in the creation of chairs. 

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Marketing and international trade

The department of Marketing and international trade offers a training focused on students being able to face today's marketers challenges, such as increasing global competition, rapid obsolescence of products and services, the continuing evolution of media, the crisis of consumer models, changes in consumption patterns, the challenges of the revolution in marketing or distribution methods.
The pedagogic department is based on a faculty that develops academic research applied within two laboratories: NMP and CIM.


Strategy and entrepreneurship

Managers must have a good knowledge of strategy and entrepreneurship to identify, create and develop opportunities for their companies. The Department of Strategy and Business aims to train students to be responsible to make effective decisions that allow them to anticipate and cause changes in organizational changes.

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