International Governance experts from all over the world gather in TBS Barcelona

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 14:15

The congress will focus on rethinking company management in complex settings


TBS Barcelona will host the 4th edition of the Congress on International Governance under the title of Critical & Alternative Approaches to Governance. The congress will take place on the 29th and 30th of June on the Catalan campus. This year’s event will focus on new democracy, new companies and new markets. Experts in corporate and global governance worldwide will present their latest research. 

The congress will approach corporate governance in a broad sense to better understand the changing interactions among governments, which are increasingly economic rather than political, civil society and corporations. It will also address reimagining the role of corporate boards so that they adapt to current realities in which large-scale capital and publicly listed companies have amassed immense economic power. 

Corporations today are asked to be more responsive to social demands such as inequity, corruption, sustainability, the environment, poverty, global warming and other worldwide issues. Yet this request for greater corporate responsibility clearly contrasts with the power dynamics between the market, states and civil society.

The congress will begin on June 29th at 13 h and it will finish on June 30th at 19 h.

Key participating speakers

The congress will bring together 24 specialists. Key experts include:

  • Prof. Ruth V. Aguilera (Northeastern University): Dr. Aguilera has published papers on the inefficiency of corporate boards. She has also argued that boards should reflect social diversity by including more women and more people of different backgrounds. Her studies have been quoted in the Financial Times and El País.

  • Prof. Xavier Castañer (Université de Lausanne): Dr. Castañer argues that corporate boards should open up so that experts and researchers may analyse them and properly intervene. His latest study, Redefining Creativity and Innovation in Organisations, has been quoted in media such as Forbes.

  • Prof. Wafa Khlif (TBS Barcelona): Prof. Khlif will discuss the concept of transparency in boards, as well as analysing transparency as a tool for manipulation. Dr Khlif is a research professor in the Department of Management Accounting in TBS Barcelona and the congress organizer.

  • Mr. Miika Kuoppamäki (Qentinel GmbH): With over 20 years of experience as company consultant, Mr. Kuoppamäki is a specialist in helping boards become more efficient. He is also an expert in decision-making using intelligent computer systems.

  • Prof. Joanna Pousset (TBS Barcelona): Prof. Pousset will discuss power plays and manipulation by the directors of boards. Dr. Pousset is a researcher in Media Manipulation and a professor and Economics and Finances at TBS Barcelona.

  • Ms. Maroua Haddar (Ph.D. candidate at the École Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Sfax): Ms. Haddar will share her doctoral research, which correlates the happiness and well-being of employees with the reduction of a company’s debt.

  • Prof. Bobby Banerjee (City University of London): Prof. Banerjee is an expert in sustainability, climate change and corporate social responsibility. He argues that sustainability in CSR is a fictitious proposition and that major corporations still refuse to address global sustainability as one of the greatest problems currently faced by society.

In case you are interested in attending the congress you can still register or attend as listenner. You can check the full programme schedule here.

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