Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion of the MSc Finance you will be able to pursue a professional career in some of the following professional fields:


Financial Auditor

A financial auditor reviews a company's financial statements, documents, data and accounting entries. Financial auditors gather information from a company's financial reporting systems, account balances, cash flow statements, income statements, balance sheets, tax returns and internal control systems. The information is then reviewed and used to present all financial data relating to a specific organization in an accurate, fair manner, ensuring that no fraud or gross errors are present in the company.


Financial Analyst

Financial analysts guide people and businesses in making investments. Whether it's through the stock market, bonds, or other investments, financial analysts are money wizards. They analyze the information they get from the stock market, investment portfolio prospecti, company annual reports and conjure up plans for investing or not investing. Financial analysts meet with companies leaders and individuals, write reports and work with a wide range of people and financial institutions.


M&A Advisor

An M&A advisor is a person working for any organization providing advisory services regarding Mergers and Acquisitions of firms, the management strategy support, the business reproduction, the project finance, privatization, and the business reform, etc. The major responsibilities include Proposal of choices in financial strategy such as  whether it is necessary to do M&A, execution of matter, and plan of improvement of corporate value etc.


Private Equity Analyst

The private equity analyst provides analytical and asset valuation support for company’s Private Equity and Trading groups. The main objective is to determine whether an investment by the private equity firm in the company would further the investment intentions of the firm or not.


Corporate Finance Manager

The Corporate Finance Manager supports all of the the business’s finance issues, inspiring the finance department in identifying and generating new revenue streams, acting on potential opportunities, negotiating deals, and leading pitches. The Corporate Finance Manager uses an analytical approach and methodical thinking in managing a range of transactional and advisory work within the finance department. 


Credit Controller

The role of an individual working in credit control is to accept or reject applications for credit. When businesses or individuals apply for credit, the credit controller reviews financial reports, conducts interviews with representatives of the business or individuals and evaluates the applicant’s debt history. The job requires good analytical skills and the ability to interpret complex data.


Financial Risk Analyst

Financial risk analysts identify and analyse the areas of potential risk threatening the assets, earning capacity or success of organisations in the industrial, commercial or public sector. They are responsible for predicting change and future trends, as well as forecasting cost to the organisation.




86% of graduates from Toulouse Business School’s MSc Finance find their first job within four months of graduating. This figure rises to 93% within 6 months of finishing the course. The average gross annual salary for graduates is €37,000 – with 64% having a position involving an international role.*

*Survey carried out jointly by the “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles” and Toulouse Business School, on graduates from the 2014, 2015 and 2016 academic years.

Employment rates


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Career Starter Service

The Career Starter Services provides MSc Finance students with a Personalized Coaching Programme to set them on their way to finding their ideal professional path. Our main goal is to help you find an employment that meets your professional interests within the current market context. Our Personalized Coaching Programme is divided into three main stages:

Professional Project Definition

During this stage, we will provide you with tools so that you can get to know yourself better and think about your professional project. Find below some of the activities:

  • Personality tests: You will be able to take several personality tests and obtain a personal report. Finally, you will have a feedback interview that will allow you to know your competencies and opportunities for improvement.
  • Personal interviews: You will have a personal interview with a Human Resources practitioner every semester to help you define your professional project in the business management world.
  • Personal competencies: We will work to identify your technical and interpersonal competencies so that you can boost your professional profile.


The Career Starter Service organizes activities oriented to develop your networking and introduce you to the business world.

  • Companies Forum: TBS partner companies attend this event to recruit students as interns or employees.
  • Job Day: Successful practitioners from the business management world attend this event to share with the MSc Finance students their professional experiences such as their day-to-day work and tips, dos & don’ts. Additionally, some of TBS’s alumni also attend this event to share their experiences as well.
  • Conferences: During the MSc Finance classes, we invite you to attend conferences about current issues of the business and management world.
  • Companies presentations: We also invite companies that are innovative in their sectors to present themselves and their activities.

Internships and Job Search

  • Workshops: We organize different workshops to provide you with key tools and skills to find a suitable internship and/or job. Some of the available workshops are:
    • Curriculum development in different languages
    • Internship/job interview preparation (role playing)
    • Social media for networking
  • Employment opportunities: On TBS @Campus/Jobteaser you will find all the internships and job offers we receive. Moreover, you will be able to check on the list of the internships that the MSc Finance students have already undertaken.



International Alumni Network

Toulouse Business School prepares managers and business executives who are involved in their companies or organizations and transmit the values acquired during their studies.

This network is comprised of over 30,000 graduates residing in more than 70 countries.

TBS’s alumni have a close relationship with the school. They actively collaborate with us to advice our students, improve the education provided and promote the prestige of TBS.

One of the key elements behind the success of our development is our Alumni Association. It is based in Toulouse and is represented worldwide by chapters of exceptionally dynamic graduates.

An extensive alumni network in Spain

The alumni network in Spain is comprised of over 300 former bachelor and master students from our campuses (Toulouse, Barcelona and Casablanca) who have managed to create an attentive, structured community in Madrid and Barcelona, where the largest group of alumni (250 former students) has been set up.

Networking events in Barcelona

By organizing regular networking events, alumni can share experiences and start professional projects with other alumni:

  • After-work meetings every two months
  • Social events such as wine tastings, Christmas dinners, outdoor activities, etc.
  • End-of-the-year dinner