The new Bachelor students of TBS Barcelona 2018

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 09:45

“We have seen more prepared and autonomous candidates, with better admission grades”

TBS Barcelona welcomes a total of 103 new students of Bachelor in Management. Among the students who will study the first year of Bachelor in 2018-2019, the share of internationals (62%) has increased compared to Spanish and French. The presence of women among those enrolled has also grown (44%), a trend that increases year after year in the classrooms of the campus.

infographics new Bachelor in Management students

The new students come from 27 different nationalities and, this year, the Barcelona campus receives students from Thailand and the Ivory Coast for the first time. Lidia Oliva points out that "we also have a significant group of Colombians and we started to have a significant number of Italian students, something that had not happened until 2017 despite Italy and Spain being neighbouring countries."

The Admissions Coordinator explains that some countries stand out in the admission process when there is a word-of-mouth effect: "Most come on the recommendation of another student, which is the greatest accreditation of quality that an educational institution can have."

"In this last admission process we have seen more prepared and more autonomous candidates, which has translated into students with higher admission grades," emphasizes the Admissions Coordinator of TBS Barcelona, Lidia Oliva. In part, it is thanks to the support given to the applicants by more than 40 employees that TBS have in different countries around the world.

The admission process on the Barcelona campus is a particular and complex case that is distinguished from other business schools. Due to the high number of international admission applications, they have to manage files from some 50 different educational systems and this year they have organized more than 80 remote access tests.

Ivory Coast at the Barcelona Campus

Nathaniel Atte is the first student from the Ivory Coast of TBS Barcelona.

Picture of Nathaliel Atte from Ivory Coast.

Do you know that you are the first Ivorian from TBS Barcelona?

I did not know, but the truth is that it does not surprise me at all.

Was your admission process easy at the logistics level?

My admission process was carried out without a single problem. I received the support I needed from TBS and my the counsellor at my school, International Community School of Abidjan, from where I took the admission tests.

Have you arrived safely in Barcelona?

I had some problems with obtaining the visa, but in the end, everything was solved and I was able to get to Barcelona.

What do you think of your first days at TBS Barcelona?

So far I am really enjoying myself.

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