The new TBS students' first steps into the school

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - 13:30

The Welcome Week is an array of activities meant to facilitate students to integrate into the school environment and mingle with other students

Welcome Week


TBS Barcelona works towards strengthening the bonds that form between all members of its community. Professors, staff members and students build a positive environment together that makes studying at TBS a meaningful experience. In the words of the second-year Bachelor in Management student Evelina Scerba, “I feel like home on the campus, and the atmosphere among the students and the school staff is so friendly”.

In order for these relationships to build, though, it is important that newcomers feel embraced since day one. This is why the Welcome Team organises the Welcome Week, where all new students can get to know their way around the school, the city of Barcelona and, most importantly, meet their new classmates. This year’s Welcome Week was packed with activities meant to contribute to the correct integration of students into their new life in Barcelona.

On Monday morning, the students got an introduction on everything TBS: they attended presentations on their international business Bachelor in Management course, where they got to meet the academic staff, they took part in team-building games and they met the members of student association TBS WAY. Master students also got their share of activities. After their welcome presentation, they enjoyed many activities such as going to the beach, having a tapas dinner and playing volleyball in the park.

The rest of the week, morning activities included more business workshops, safety talks given by the local police and more team-building exercises. Afternoon activities consisted of making the most of the Barcelona sights and weather by playing outdoor sports, going to the beach or having an integration barbecue. The Welcome Team also organised a Business Game, where students got to start working in teams towards a joint goal: getting their business idea selected by the jury of professors.

The Welcome Week allowed students to kick off their school year with a head start: they will begin their classes surrounded by classmates they know, a city they are used to and a campus they have already spent time on.


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