Re-Think Counselling 2018

Tuesday, November 20, 2018 - 17:15

We interview during the event Re-Think Counselling three counsellors from different countries to contrast their view on college advising

Christina, high school counsellor in Abu Dhabi 

Counsellor ChristinaWhat must a student consider when deciding on their career path?

Firstly, they should consider their natural interests, which subjects they have always excelled in, and explore what they can do with the things they enjoy. At school, their personality is analysed with a psychometric test.

How would you respond to the dichotomy between studying what you like and studying what will get you a job?

Thinking solely in terms of employability is tricky if we consider the fact that many careers that are popular today did not exist 10 years ago. This is why you should decide based on your skills as well as what you enjoy doing, so you can be prepared for your future career.

What should the role of parents be when students are deciding on their college?

For parents, the name of the university is so important, but a name is just a small part of what a university has to offer. They should look at what the institution provides and its accreditations.

What kind of student is most suited to studying at TBS Barcelona?

A young person who definitely wants a global perspective and a hands-on learning methodology, who may benefit from a small environment that is supportive, and who is seeking clear opportunities for their future. 

Hanh Chi, high school counsellor in Hanoi

Counsellor Chi HanhWhat must a student consider when deciding on their career path?

They need to know who they are: what they are good at and what they like, their values, their attitude, strengths and weaknesses. At high school, we help them to match what they like with what they are good at, to define their goals for the future.

How would you respond to the dichotomy between studying what you like and studying what will get you a job?

First of all, it depends on their own values, which is why it is important that they know themselves. How important is money to you, or recognition, or security? On the other hand, it is very difficult to predict what will happen in the labour market, so do something you are passionate about. Because you will never stop learning. College is only one experience you will have in your life. If you are passionate about it, you will always do your best.

But maybe the student’s passion does not match their parents’ expectations. In these cases, what would you recommend for them?

You have to explain to your parents why you want to do it, prove to them that you are capable of doing it, that you will put all your effort into working on it, and that you will be able to find a job afterwards.

What kind of student is most suited to studying at TBS Barcelona?

I would particularly recommend TBS Barcelona to students from small private schools and big cities who are used to metropolitan environments. Students who are interested in business, of course, especially those with families who own a business.

Irma Consuelo, high school counsellor in Bogota

Counsellor Irma ConsueloWhat should students consider when choosing a career? 

They should make their decisions based on the combination of four factors: their aptitudes, interests, personality and the programs.

At school we help them with self-knowledge: who I am, why I am like that, what my aptitudes are, my interests, my personality ...

What should you take into account to choose an appropriate program? 

In terms of programs, it is important to bear in mind career opportunities, the subjects, the areas the programs specialize in, where the more emphasis is placed. Also in the university's accreditations.

Finally, it is important to consider the pedagogical style of the institution, which should fit with your tendencies: for example, are students closely monitored or are they given autonomy? Is there a tradition of individual learning or does the institution promote teamwork?


Study something that you like or something with which you will find work easily? 

Students should choose something related to their life project. Unsuccessful professionals are those who do not identify with what they have studied. If one chooses a career because it's trendy or because of the job offers, this is likely to lead to an existential emptiness afterwards.

What student profile would you recommend a business school like TBS Barcelona?

An entrepreneurial profile and with a social sense. We want our students to go out for an amplitude of knowledge with the intention of building their country, contribute with what they have learned.


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