Why the Barcelona Campus?

We offer two programmes at TBS Barcelona: the Bachelor in Management and the Master in Management

Both of which are official undergraduate and graduate degrees certified by the French Ministry of Education.

Through these programmes, we seek to provide our students with an immersion in the reality of the business world and an international outlook of the world, while also helping them develop personally and build a career path. We train professionals with the ability to lead business activities, because of their mastery of the fundamentals and modern techniques of management and because of their leadership skills.

The Barcelona Campus is characterised by its international facet: over 52% of the students enrolled at the campus are international (meaning they are neither Spanish nor French) and the Group has over 100 partner universities around the world whose students we host every year.



A different kind of teaching based on the French business school model; a method of reference in the European educational system. This teaching is based on three distinguishing factors:

    • Companies need specific solutions to their business, financial management and human organisation problems. They need talented people who have a good academic education plus experience in the business world.
    • At Toulouse Business School, these two requirements are interrelated. As a result, our graduates can prove their efficiency from day one of their employment contract.
    • Up to 12 months of mandatory full-time internships.
    • Teaching based on case studies, simulations, seminars, group work, company tours, etc.
    • Teachers from the professional world.







    • Large organisations are multinationals that employ multicultural teams and are involved in countries in various countries. Starting now, these companies seek young professionals to help them dominate the complexity of situations arising in the global world. That is why at Toulouse Business School we complement an education related to the business world with the student’s immersion in an international environment.
    • Periods of study abroad at the Toulouse Campus and/or at one of the more than 160 universities with which we have an international agreement: three years, three countries.
    • Classes in English and Spanish.
    • Language learning: English, French, Chinese, German and Spanish.
    • International faculty.




    • Relationship based on proximity and personalised, individualised academic monitoring to help and support students in building their professional and personal path.
    • Small groups (up to 30 students).
    • Individual tutorials and group workshops for students on how to build a career path.
    • Professional guidance and coaching.
    • Assessment Centre at the end of the course of studies.
    •  All encompassed within a professional development unit: Career Starter.