SESAME 2018: Adapting to Generation Z

Monday, October 8, 2018 - 12:00

TBS Master students partner with Polyglot Group during SESAME



TBS Barcelona Master students take part every year in the Seminar on Strategic Studies Applied to Business Management or SESAME, a 15-day consulting activity where they collaborate with real companies with real problems.

After hearing from the challenges the companies have to offer, the students must produce a report including proposals for solving the problems, as well as prepare a presentation where they communicate their findings to representatives of the companies.

Polyglot Group, an Australian consultancy firm that helps business expand their operation through Human Resources Management and recruitment, among others, was one of the companies that presented 40 Master students with four challenges: adapting their work environment for a new generation of employees (Generation Z, those born between mid 90s and mid noughties), coming up with a market segment where the company could expand, bettering their online and offline external communication and strengthening their organisational structure.

Four groups of ten students worked on each challenge, with an outstanding result: “The proposals presented today will absolutely be implemented in our operations. I think the students very smartly contacted former and existing employees of Polyglot through social media, and that definitely added some value”, says Global Head of Market Development Jacques Reynaud.

Alongside Reynaud, Commercial & Finance Specialist Iris de Orte was also impressed: “The way in which they identified the problems Polyglot may have was definitely an outstanding aspect of their presentations. Moreover, they were also able to come up with a lot of refreshing ideas”.

In the words of Yancy Vaillant, TBS Strategy & Entrepreneurship professor, “Polyglot helped a lot showing the students how a real company works. These students know not only the recipes but now they’re also learning how to cook”. This belief is certainly shared by Jacques Reynaud, who, when asked for advice for the students, replied: “When these students leave school they should reach out to us!”.

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