Six TBS students team up with Barcelona nightclub Sutton

Monday, December 17, 2018 - 12:30

Students from TBS Barcelona carried out a marketing analysis on the popular nightclub before its director, who invited them to meet with the owner to present their proposals for improvement

How can you make one of the most popular clubs in Barcelona even better? This is the challenge faced by Lucas Bellanger, Lucas Biarge, Román Prats, Javier Rodero, Andrés Santos and Oscar Ureña, second-year students of the TBS Bachelor in Management, who analysed Sutton’s marketing strategy and suggested improvements for a project in their Services Marketing class.

"In the subject of Services Marketing we work with theoretical models and current marketing concepts, but at the same time we want to transfer this learning to the business world. This project offers a unique opportunity for our students to meet and collaborate with managers of a company and sector that they themselves choose and be able to understand the challenges that these companies face", says Prof. Lourdes Pérez, professor of the subject.

A sector students are familiar with

The students presented the project to the director of Sutton, Robert Massanet. With proposals that revolved around increasing benefits, improving the relationship with the client and knowing more about this, the students identified the main problems of the club and presented solutions for them.

"We chose Sutton because it's a company that almost all the group had been consumers, and a sector, nightlife, that is very strong in Spain", say the students.

The collaboration with the Manager of Sutton was very easy at all times: "He quickly agreed to collaborate with the project by conducting an interview of more than two hours, in which we were able to obtain information about the nightclub that is not available on the Internet."

Proposals for improvement from constructive criticism

The most important proposals of the presentation were the creation of a loyalty card ("Sutton Gold") for the most regular customers and the development of a mobile application. In general, the objective was improving the customer experience before (with information and online sales), during (with a payment method that facilitates the purchase of drinks inside the nightclub) and after (with the possibility of finding transportation from the same application) the party.

Massanet, who was attentive to the students’ proposals, ended up pleasantly surprised: "They have found solutions to concerns that we had not yet dedicated our full attention to. Their assessment and constructive criticism were significantly helpful. I am certain we will take them into account.

Prof. Perez adds, "I am proud of the quality of our students' projects, without a doubt the Sutton one reflects rigor in the analysis and the proposals and good teamwork; two fundamental skills for their professional development".

Meeting with the owner of Sutton

His satisfaction brought him to extend a formal invite the students to a meeting Sutton owner Antonio Cano. The students commented on their improvement proposals and Massanet and Cano showed them the side of Sutton that a client does not see.

TBS students served as consultors from a client's point of view, something that Massanet was very interested in: "Criticism is a very important part of our work. We always tend to defend what we do and not realize our limitations. It is difficult to know how to analyse them, listen to them and improve them, and they have achieved it".

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