Student Life

Classes are interactive and often include practical activities like case studies and exercises that make it easier to learn and to transfer concepts to real situations.

On average, there are between 15 and 20 hours of face-to-face classes per week, in addition to the time needed to work on projects, most of which are group projects. Because there are teachers who come from abroad and professionals with different schedules, there is not a set schedule to start and finish modules and the schedule of classes varies from week to week.

C@mpus the school’s academic intranet, is the tool used to send materials, to submit completed assignments and for online academic interaction (among other activities). All students have an email address assigned to them where they receive official information.


Jon Goyenechea

Bachelor student

"What I like the most about Barcelona is the diversity of cultures! I am very grateful to have the chance to live in a city like this and get to meet so many different people in TBS".



The social atmosphere is pleasant and very international. There are close relationships between the students of both programmes, teachers and administrative staff. Because of the large presence of international students, there are more foreign students than Spaniards! It is common to hear people talking in different languages, primarily English, French and Catalan, but also Arabic, Russian and Chinese, among others. Here you will find a document with the average cost of living in Barcelona.


The library is located a few metres from the school’s main building. In addition to books, the library also has audiovisual materials, a newspaper library, reading rooms, and spaces to study and for meetings. Students also have access to considerable electronic depositories (databases, dissertations, papers, case studies, international news, etc.).

All TBS Barcelona buildings are adapted for people with disabilities and other special needs. These students are allowed extra time on exams in order to complete them.


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