Venezia Autentica: reinventing the city with sustainable tourism

Venice is famous for its canals and a charm that is unique in the world. A charm that attracts millions of tourists each year and generates tremendous traffic towards the city of the carnival, whether on cruise ships, trains, planes or even by car. Mass tourism has an obvious impact on the life and sustainability of this type of city: large crowds are concentrated in the streets, the prices of services and consumer goods increase, an unmanageable amount of toxic and polluting waste is generated....

TBS Student Recognition Awards 2020

The students of a school bring life to its corridors and corners, give meaning to academic activities and, in turn, collaborate with projects that enhance its prestige. Likewise, at TBS Business School in Barcelona, the students are the fundamental pillars and that is why, from the school, we want to recognize their effort, dedication and commitment to the center. The TBS Student Recognition Awards 2020 aim to convey this appreciation to the students.


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