TBS launches ‘Business Starter’, a new cluster focused on enterprise

Monday, March 19, 2018 - 11:45

Toulouse Business School is preparing a proposal focused on the setting up of businesses, and is launching a new service for enterprise. Called Business Starter, it is based on the success of TBSeeds, the School’s business incubator, and is characterised by the priority which it gives to teaching. It also offers a set of supporting services for individuals and groups, as well as a variety of tools for launching and developing start-ups. 

The Business Starter Centre welcomes students from all TBS programmes, as well as former students and students from other schools. Already installed on the Toulouse campus, Business Starter is going to be introduced on the campuses of Barcelona, Casablanca and Paris, starting next year.

An all-round offer to develop the spirit of enterprise

Business Starter combines all the educational resources and services offered by TBS to promote and support enterprise. The project’s leaders have their own physical area and their own teams. 

The aims of Business Starter are: to encourage enterprise and identify business projects in workshops and seminars including teaching; to support the different project-leaders with an incubator and a team of experts, regardless of the stage in the project proposed by the student. 

“To provide the best support for our student-entrepreneurs, we have a group of leadership skills, thanks to our teachers in the Department of Strategy, Enterprise and Innovation, our institutional partners and our consultants specialising in engineering and business”, says Paul Lauriac, Director of Development, Corporate Partnerships and Services at TBS. 

An acknowledged educational orientation

Business Starter is based on the success of TBSeeds, the educational incubator which TBS set up in 2012. The new cluster brings together all the educational activities that are undertaken at TBS in pursuit of entrepreneurial initiative, and involves all the teacher/researchers who are specialised in this field. The latter help to support business-creation projects, and also help in the creation and running of workshops focusing on the encouragement of entrepreneurs.

In this way, 14 teacher/researchers contribute their experience to Business Starter, assuring the continuum between training in entrepreneurship and the operational reality of business creation.

A greater opening to the external environment

As part of the business dynamics of Toulouse (the 27th-largest student city of France, with more than 100,000 students), the incubator TBSeeds has widened its horizons to include the region’s schools of engineering. The aim is to ensure that there is real synergy between the students of engineering and those managers who have start-up projects and who contribute to the creation of value in the region. 

As with its association with INSA, TBS has signed several agreements with schools in Toulouse: a combination of technical skills and management skills which is a veritable key to the success of the project, as illustrated by the example of Hydle, a start-up which offers universal clips for making one’s own furniture without nails or screws. “As an INSA engineer, I know how to make a good product, but I don’t necessarily know how to take account of the customer’s needs so as to convert all this into a real business. On joining the TBS incubator, I found people with sales profiles”, said Aymeric Rigaut, co-founder of Hylde.

Implementation on the different TBS campuses

Already installed on the Toulouse campus, Business Starter is also going to be deployed on the campuses of Barcelona, Casablanca and Paris. Its ‘alter egos’ will have architecture equivalent to that of Toulouse thanks to associations with local organisations. This will allow a better integration into the economic ecosystems of those localities.

“Many successful entrepreneurship initiatives have been launched by TBS. In the interests of efficiency and synergy, it was time to unite them under a common banner, Business Starter”, said François Bonvalet, Director General of TBS.

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