#1 TBS Business Debates

Thursday, November 07, 2019

CEO or Board of Directors? Who governs business strategy in a globalised world?

The first event of the TBS Business Debates series will take place on the 7 th of November between Luis Cantarell and Wafa Khlif. Cantarell is the Executive Chairman of Froneri UK Ltd and a member of the board of Kintai Therapeutics Inc. in the USA, as well as Werfen SA and Grupo URIACH SL, both of which are in Spain. Mr Cantarell is also a board member of the Fero Foundation. Wafa Khlif is a professor of Management Accounting and works mostly on boards of directors.

The debate, which will be moderated by Joanna Pousset, will be held in the library of TBS Business School and is expected to focus on the following topics:

1. In spite of globalisation, which involves mutual influences, do different values and practices still exist in different countries regarding the creation and functioning of boards of directors? How are these differences apparent? How might they influence the behaviour of board members? And the company's strategy?

2. What might future trends be and what changes would be appropriate?

The two speakers will debate for 45 minutes before opening up the discussion to the audience for 15 minutes.