"When faced with a challenge, be smart and believe in yourself"

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 - 19:00

Interview with student Priscilla Michel about her experience in her current company

Priscilla Michel

The internship carried out during the third year of the Bachelor is an essential part of the professional development of TBS students. It has the longest duration and involves positions with more responsibility. Some students even receive job offers from the companies they have completed their internships with,  as was the case with Priscilla Michel (France, 1996).

Bachelor student Priscilla Michel has recently been hired by PUIG, a Catalan fashion and perfume company with fragrance brands such as Prada, Nina Ricci, Carolina Herrera and Comme des Garçons. She completed her internship in the Global Digital & Media Department, which works on the digital transformation of the company and all of its brands. 

Why did you apply for an internship at PUIG?

I wasn’t aware of the company, but my coach at TBS told me about them. I have always been very interested in the fashion and luxury sector. In fact, over the last year, I studied the Fashion & Luxury Management specialisation and my previous internships were also in the same sector.

Your internship wasn’t easy, was it?

My manager left the company just as I began working there, which left me without an authority figure to guide me and also interfered with the department and the workloads. I went through a phase of stress and uncertainty, and I needed some time to adapt before I was able to master the tasks involved with my role. 

Well, you must have done very well, as you were ultimately hired.

They advertised the position that became vacant when my manager left, so I told the managing director that I was interested in the role. I already had experience in the position and was already trained and working for the company.

Tell us about your new position as Digital Intelligence & Education Executive.

I am responsible for educating the PUIG team about digital media. Among other tasks, I organise workshops with staff from PUIG, Google, YouTube, Instagram...These are very interesting sessions as you can learn a lot from these powerful companies.

What have the internships meant to you?

Strong growth, experience in the real professional world, and learning that the most important thing when faced with a challenge is to be smart and, above all, believe in yourself.

Do you think the Bachelor programme has prepared you well?

Thanks to the third-year specialisation in Fashion & Luxury I have learned a lot about the brands in the sector. The whole programme has helped me to carry out the internships successfully: subjects such as negotiation, oral presentations... And the languages [Priscilla is French, but she chose the Spanish path for her first course]: they look for trilingual employees so I was able to apply for this position.

Has TBS helped you discover your vocation?

During the third year, while studying the specialisation, an employee of Hermès perfume came to the school to deliver some classes which piqued my interest in the fragrance sector. That’s when I thought, “I want to work in that field”.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

I hope to grow within the company and in a few years time work in Paris, where there are many opportunities. I want to keep learning.

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