Gestión de Recursos Humanos

Profesor de Recursos Humanos
Supporting Faculty



BA (Hons) Business Management - Bournemouth University, Borunemouth, UK
M.Sc. Management Science & Operations Research, Warwick University Business School,
Warwick, UK*
M.Ed. Foundations of Open and Distance Education, Open University Business School, UK*


Lecturer, European Business School, London
Research Fellow, Open University Business School, Milton Keynes
Research Fellow, Solent Management Centre, Southampton


Negotiation skills
Business Plan
Business Plan Feasibility
Change Management
Business Idea Feasibility


Industrial Positions

Regional Executive - Training Games, Barcelona
Director - Chiara Cabinet Co. Ltd, Bangalore, India
Co-owner & Director - Vinbra Wines UK, Ltd.
Executive Director - Yaa Asantewaa Arts Centre, London
Market Analyst - Original Equipment Division - Michelin Tyres, London
Operations Analyst - Treasuries Group, SG Warburg Investment Bank, London

Consulting Positions

Executive & Customized Executive MBA Programs:

Lead Facilitator- Mentoring Management Model
Project Leader- The Agricultural Bank of China Executive Training Programme
Lead Facilitator- Managing Change, Approaches to Change, Managing People & Organizations, and Skills for Managing People.
Cohort leader- Strategic Management II

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