Lourdes PEREZ

Marketing - Comercio

Profesora Investigadora de Marketing Resident Faculty



PhD, Technical University of Catalonia, Business Administration European PhD. Bradford University. Cum Laude. - 2003- 07
I.E.S.E. University of Navarra, Barcelona Master in Business Administration. - 1985- 87
E.T.S.I.I. “Escuela Superior de Ingenieros Industriales”, Madrid Industrial Engineer. Polytechnic University of Madrid. Thesis completed. - 1976- 83


TOULOUSE UNIVERSITY, TOULOUSE BUSINESS SCHOOL - Marketing professor - Academically responsible for the Master in Marketing. Areas of expertise: Relationship Marketing, Business to Business, Marketing Strategy - 2013 - date
POMPEU FABRA UNIVERSITY - Adjunct Marketing professor (Department of Business and Economics) - 2010- 2013
EADA BUSINESS SCHOOL - Marketing professor. Teaching experience (English and Spanish):  Msc International MBA, Executive Education and In- Company training programs. - 2000- 10
Associate Dean of Faculty and Research - Member of the Senior Executive Committee - 2007-10
Head of the Marketing Group - 2004-07


Business Markets
Marketing Strategies
Relationship Marketing
Marketing Management
International Marketing Management
Service Marketing


HEWLETT PACKARD, InkJet Commercial Division
Solution Provider Program Manager, Marketing Department - 1999-00
Market Development Manager, Marketing Department- 1995-99

HEWLETT PACKARD, Spanish Sales Office - Account Manager for value-added-resellers-VARs, Sales Department 1987-95
PROCTER & GAMBLE, Manufacturing Department - Project Engineer, Packaging Department.- 1984-85


Market Orientation
Business Markets
Value creation in business relationships
Technology ventures and small firms
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Conference Proceedings (Published)

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Other Conferences

  • Perez Fernandez L. (November 2012). “Experiència I testimoniatge de l mutilingüisme”. Pla d’Acció pel multilingüisme a la Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2007-2013).


  • Perez Fernandez L. (January 2011). Faculty issues: recruitment and retention. EFMD Meeting for Deans Directors General. Lyon. January 27-28 .


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Case Studies with Teaching Note (published)

  • Perez Fernandez L. (2010) Tyco Mobiles


  • Perez Fernandez L. (2010) HP CRM Strategy for the Graphic Arts Market


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