3 tips to transfer what you learned in class to an internship

Miércoles, Septiembre 14, 2016 - 18:30

Gabriel Zúñiga on knowledge transfer

Many students have difficulties to link what they learn in class with what they do in the professional setting of an internship, which is a pity, because if higher education were a game, this link between theory and practice would be its main aim. Understandably, when they start working for an organization, their main concern is to do a good job.

Although there are several ways to transfer learning to work situations, we could say class learning can be transferred in two ways: by understanding a business situation and by applying a tool for which the student has been trained.  But both request intentional, systematic prior reflection:


  1. Explicit statements. “In Strategy class, we learned that competitive advantage that is not sustained on differentiation, cost or segmentation is bound to fail, so I proposed my manager to make a clear choice for low cost”.
  2. Implicit knowledge on presentations or statements. For instance, using technical words and business related common tools as organograms, flow charts, tables and graphs.
  3. Critical appraisal of the working environment is a great way of showing business learning.


Gabriel Zúñiga, director of studies of TBS Barcelona, recommends students “to use all of these tips so the education you received with us serves its purpose”.

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