Building a new relationship with businesses

In recent years, the upward trend of the TBS group, both in terms of academic excellence and in terms of student recruitment, has led us to strengthen our relationships with businesses or financial players and to gradually build a more structured relationship with them based on shared values and mutual interests.

To do so, we have developed various possibilities for specific interactions, or for those who are most involved, a partnership, that may be constituted around the following areas of collaboration:


Beyond these initiatives, as a result of our forward–looking commitment, our group’s ambition translates into providing a range of education and services fully in sync with the world around us.

We remain at your disposal to make our services progress in order to adapt them to your current and future needs and continue building successful collaborations.

Head of Business Relations TBS Barcelona   
For more information, please contactDelphine Arnau,
Head of Business Relations
+34 933 100 11