Benefit from the Skills of Our Students

We propose:

Benefit from a SESAME diagnosis

The Seminar of Higher Education Applied to Business Management (SESAME) is a unique exercise in active learning. A company proposes a real problem to a group of final-year Master students which they need to solve.

This exercise is structured in three phases: analysis of the company in its context, formulation of ideas and recommendations, and, lastly, presentation of the recommendations to the company.

Through SESAME, the company opens up its reflection to new analysis and students are able to implement strategic decision making, thus becoming junior consultants for a few days.

A SESAME project is developed in close collaboration between the company and TBS teachers and supervised by expert consultants.  


Student work: 

If your company needs occasional professional support not in the form of a work placement, the school offers you the possibility of hiring students part time. We propose and disseminate these offers among our students.

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