Teaching Staff and Research

A faculty of highly academic and professional teachers

A business school must allow students to integrate successfully into the professional world, but also to prepare them for the future and its changes

Business schools have a responsibility to ensure the quality of its research and its relevance to academic, economic and business reality. Our students’ training is in line with the latest research trends, and they  are, of course, the first to benefit from it. Students are, after all, the drivers of change, the most prepared to receive and guide the changes which makes to evolve the business world.

Faculty and research TBS Barcelona

Toulouse Business School's research activity is centralized in the TBS Research Centre

Concepts and methodologies of science of management are explored in the research center of TBS. There are five research groups that investigate with various issues of business management.

  • Accounting, Control and Performance Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Strategy
  • Financial Economics
  • Marketing & Communication Networks
  • Work, Employment and Health

Research projects

Since the year 2000, when the TBS Research Centre was founded, 45 contracts for research for and with companies and organizations have been signed. TBS is considered one of the top French business schools in terms of the relationship between academic research and business. In addition, the group has TBSearch, a journal that presents the research papers published in academic journals and their practical applications for businesses.


Business needs and partnerships

The research department is responsible for searching researchers that can meet the needs of companies to encourage research cooperation. This department is responsible for creating a frame with financial and legal aspects, as well as intellectual property rights. It is, therefore, the link to any kind of collaboration, whether public or private.

The TBS Research Centre reports directly to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse (CCIR, according to its accronym in French), a public administrative body whose president has exclusive authority to initiate actions in the Research Centre.

Further information on the Toulouse Business School's research activities