Toulouse Business School


  • TBS Barcelona is the Barcelona Campus of the Toulouse Business School Group, which belongs to the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • It is a public higher education institution and was founded in 1903. It has more than 4,500 students and a network of over 35,000 alumni around the world.
  • It also has agreements with more than 160 institutions worldwide, a faculty of professors comprised of PhDs and business professionals, and five research centres.
  • Moreover, there are three campuses: Toulouse, Barcelona and Casablanca and a location in Paris.


Our mission is double:

  • Train tomorrow's leaders, regardless of their background or where they exercise their responsibilities
  • Generate knowledge in the major disciplines of management.


And our vision, threefold:

  • To be one of the institutions of reference at European level in all our programs
  • To be one of the most appreciated business schools among our graduates and partner companies
  • To be a truly international business school, with presence wherever the future determines



TBS HAS FOUR CORE VALUES: Openness, enthusiasm, ethics and boldness

At Toulouse Business School we believe new ways can be opened. Innovating, dare to take risks; we are enthusiastic and invest in the career development of each of our students: Their difficulties are ours, and their successes our pride. Ethics and solidarity are key: TBS acts always with responsibility and integrity, and opennes is synonym for curiosity, tolerance, critic spirit and mutual enrichment.




The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Barcelona

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Barcelona was set up in 1883. It groups together more than 500 Catalan, French and multinational companies and is part of the network of 85 French chambers established in 74 countries worldwide.


It was the founder of TBS Barcelona, as initially the Toulouse Business School Group was its educational partner, until it became the Barcelona Campus of the Toulouse Business School Group.